Secondary Chemistry Tuition Lessons

Secondary Chemistry Tuition Lessons - JimmyTuition

What are the challenges for learning Chemistry faced by most of the Secondary students? 

  • Don’t know how to apply keywords when answering structured questions in Chemistry exams?
  • Even try very hard to memorise the notes but still did badly in Secondary Chemistry exams?
  • Cannot improve Chemistry results after joining Chemistry tuition class for 4 to 6 months?
  • Totally lose the interest in Chemistry in Secondary 4 because missed out many the foundation topics in Secondary 3 Chemistry?
  • etc

Many of the students don’t realise that only 30% of the Chemistry textbook are useful which means that around 30% of the Chemistry textbook are the keywords required by Chemistry examiner. That is why I always remind my students to develop the Chemistry Keywords Mindset (C.K.M.).

Whenever we read the chemistry textbook or chemistry notes, all students shall focus on the keywords and make sure that they fully understand.

What are the important factors to score A1 for Secondary Chemistry? 

At Jimmy Tuition Chemistry tuition class, I will help my students to build the strong foundation for some of the most important topics including formula writing, chemical equation balancing, bonding and structure, acids and bases, metals (reactivities series), periodic tables and organic chemistry.

All Secondary O’Level students need to know that many of the Chemistry topics are interlinked. Therefore for those Secondary students who are hunger for success and score A1 in O’Level Chemistry, they not only must seek for help from reliable Chemistry tutors with track records but also clarify all the doubts and improve all the weak topics.

As the Chemistry tutors with 15 years of experience, our Chemistry tuition have helped 600+ students improve Chemistry results continuously. Many of them improved from F9 to A1 within 4-6 months, some of them top in their cohort for Chemistry exams.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]