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Why is Mathematics so important in Secondary O’Level? 

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for all Secondary students. Whether you plan to go to JC or Poly, mathematics will be the foundation for you to further study in your higher learning institutions. And many courses in Poly require the candidates to have decent grades in Maths for O’Level results.

Can my son or girl still do well in Maths even if they failed maths in PSLE?

The answer is absolutely yes. In the past 15 years, I do see many of students who did badly in his or her PSLE maths, but they all improve maths results continuously. Many of them jumped from F9 to A1 within 4-6 months after they signed up with my maths tuition class.

What are the key factors to improve Secondary Maths? 

At Jimmy Tuition, I always told my students that attitude is everything. In order to achieve excellent results in Secondary Maths, all students have to understand that we must know how important Mathematics is to us whether for academically or in our daily life.

Presentation is the key. To score well in Maths, steady handwriting and well-organised presentation is also crucial to minimise the careless mistakes. That is why I emphasise a lot for good quality of presentation when joining my Secondary maths tuition lesson.

As we all know that practice make perfection. Hence consistent practice is a must for all my students after they fully understand the concepts. There is no shortcut for success. The same principle apply for maths results improvement.

During my maths tuition lessons, all my students will have to take my timely mini maths quiz for all new chapters I taught. In the meantime, I will revise previous chapters to enhance the concepts for all my students.

Why does some students can do well in chapter test but unable to achieve good results in EOY exams? 

This is the common questions asked by many of the parents when they send their children to my Maths tuition class. I do see many Secondary students who can score A1/A2/B3 in the test for each new chapter, however after they finished learning the new topics, then most of the students would never revise the topics again and practice accordingly if their school teachers didn’t give revision for them.

To help all my students, I always help my students revise and recap whenever necessary so that they will refresh the concepts and formulas before they forget it totally.

At Jimmy Tuition, we do give all students maths homework to practice and we will go through the questions so that students can learn from mistakes for further improvement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]